29. Dec 2017

BayWa r.e sold its Wagner wind project to Greenbacker

San Diego, December 29, 2017: BayWa r.e. a global renewable energy developer, service supplier, wholesaler and energy solutions provider, announced today that it has sold its Wagner Wind, LLC to Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company, LLC.

The 6 MW wind project was developed, constructed and operated in-house and was placed-in service in December 2012. The project is selling its energy and renewable certificates under a long term 20 year power purchase agreement to the City of Riverside.

The two Vestas V90 3 MW project still are the largest generators deployed in the Palm Springs wind corridor, which is widely considered the birth place of the U.S. wind energy market. Earlier in the year, the Company sold its nearby 46,5 MW project as well as its 25 MW project in October. 

“The sale of our Wagner Wind project rounds up a successful year for our U.S. Wind business and is the third project sold in 2017. We are preparing the next projects for construction and are looking forward to transact with buyers and sellers on exciting projects,” says Florian Zerhusen, CEO of BayWa r.e. Wind, LLC. 

"Adding a wind asset contiguous to our Golden Horizons solar farm in Palm Springs provides significant operational efficiencies in the ongoing management of both assets."  stated Charles Wheeler, CEO of Greenbacker.  "As we strategically expand our portfolio of wind assets, we continue to focus on the broader strategy of acquiring premier commercial renewable energy assets with high-quality off-takers." 

BayWa r.e.:

The international trading conglomerate BayWa AG pools all of its renewable activities in its subsidiary BayWa r.e. (renewable energy), which is predominately active in the wind and solar industry. Headquartered in Munich since inception in 1923, BayWa AG is a publicly traded company generating an estimated annual revenue of 15 billion Euros and employs over 17,000 individuals across its three core segments: Agriculture, Building Materials and Energy. With over 1,300 employees working in BayWa r.e. globally, the group has developed and constructed over 2 GW and actively provides asset management for over 3 GW. BayWa r.e. acquires, develops constructs and operates renewable energy projects as well as distributing PV components on a wholesale basis. 

BayWa r.e. Wind, LLC is responsible for the groups North American activities in the wind sector. The company has been active in the U.S. since 2001 and has been acquired by BayWa AG in 2011.  

Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company:

Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company is a publicly registered, non-traded limited liability company that owns and operates a diversified portfolio of income-producing renewable energy power plants, energy efficiency projects and other sustainable investments.


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