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Benefit from our experience to tailor the execution of your carbon reduction and sustainability goals. Your strategic initiative and persuasive commitment to change has led your organization to this place. Now the real work begins: creating and executing on your renewable energy strategy.

Meet your carbon reduction goals

Renewable energy solutions can help you meet your carbon reduction goals and improve your energy portfolio. Companies and institutions of higher learning are increasingly turning to renewable energy because they understand that they have significant operational and financial exposure to energy. We can help you determine the appropriate mix of renewable energy products for your company, so you mitigate your exposure and succeed in your goals.

A new competitive advantage

Renewable energy has always been a great idea. Now solidly in the mainstream, the benefits of incorporating renewables into your energy strategy are too substantial to ignore. Let us help you r.e.think your energy portfolio and create a hedge to reduce your risk in the increasingly volatile energy market. 

BayWa r.e. offers tailored energy solutions globally. Learn more about how we can meet your international energy needs here.

For Corporations

Your energy choices are vital for your future as a company. Be a leader in your industry by achieving your sustainability goals. We can support your renewable energy journey to select the best solution, such as on- and offsite solar projects, large scale wind projects, physical or virtual power purchase agreements (PPA or vPPA), with an additional storage option, that will meet your goals. Our ability to navigate the legal, financial and regulatory complexities of the renewable energy sector means we can create profitable renewable projects for you. Find out more about our solutions for Corporate customers.

For Manufacturing and Data Centers

Our global and local expertise allows us to deliver renewable energy solutions that manage energy risk and reduce your energy costs. We have deep global experience in financing, building and operating well over 4 GW of renewable energy assets while navigating challenges to deliver cost-effective, tailored energy solutions. Find out more about how we helped a automotive supplier to reduce its carbon emissions.

For Universities and Colleges

You are on the front lines leading your institution to realize community goals, such as the Carbon Neutral Campus 2050. You also have the privilege of educating your campus community on renewables and the future of energy. We celebrate this dual responsibility and can help you succeed with both On- and Offsite renewable energy projects, with either physical & virtual PPAs, to cater to your renewable energy needs.

BayWa r.e. Giving is our way of developing long-term campus partnerships through a range of activities: BayWa r.e. Global Internships, Sustainability & Energy Curriculum, Community Outreach, Mobility Inclusion, and Experiential Learning. Such programs solidify your leadership and commitment both inside and outside your campus. We can support you turning your campus carbon free!

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