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Turnkey Solar – Renewable Energy Construction by BayWa r.e.

Reduce risk, increase yield.

To overview

Customized solutions to fit your project requirements

Take advantage of nearly three decades of experience deploying over 4.5 GW globally. BayWa r.e. partners with your organization from start to finish to deliver your renewable energy projects. We deliver onsite and offsite solar and energy storage projects. Based on our expertise in key local markets, our solar and storage engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) team can provide innovative, customized solutions to meet your goals.

World-class EPC for high-performance solar projects

Delivering customized engineering, procurement and construction solutions results in high-performing solar and energy storage projects. Our team utilizes the latest technology and site-specific engineering to optimize the use of your land. In conjunction with our specialized knowledge, we leverage strong global partnerships to procure high-quality materials and components at competitive costs. We can also provide and manage construction services that fit the requirements of your project. 

Delivering certainty in uncertain markets

Let us navigate the complex legal, financial, and regulatory complexities involved in the development of your renewable energy project. With a strong network of partners in the US and Mexico we ensure your project meets regulatory, legal, and financial hurdles.

Our proven processes and customized approach allow us to build profitable turnkey construction that meet or exceed your goals. Contact us to learn more about how we can work together to provide you a better energy solution.

Construction completed on time and in budget

Every project has the risk of delays. Our experience ensures construction is completed on time and within budget to realize your target return.

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