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Delivering Energy Solutions Across the Americas

Change makers, category leaders, we know you

Benefit from our experience to tailor the execution of your carbon reduction and sustainability goals. Your strategic initiative and persuasive commitment to change has led your organization to this place. Now the real work begins: creating and executing on your renewable energy strategy.

The clean energy transition is here 

For reasons both economic and environmental, companies, public sector entities, agricultural operations and community groups are increasingly transitioning to sophisticated renewables procurement and consumption strategies. At BayWa r.e., we offer customized energy solutions to help organizations reduce their cost of energy, improve their energy resilience, and meet their sustainability and carbon reduction goals with solar, battery storage and other clean energy technologies. We are here to help you r.e.think your energy portfolio, reduce your risk, optimize system performance and maximize your financial returns. 

  • C&I and Utility Solar

    Proven track record in C&I and utility solar 

    BayWa r.e. has a proven track record in developing solar systems on a national scale, with strong expertise in the design, engineering, and construction for the commercial, industrial, public sector, community and utility markets.

    With gigawatts of renewable energy experience, the BayWa r.e. leadership team can develop and execute a solar generation plan that provides a financially rewarding return while meeting or exceeding your sustainability and energy procurement goals.  

  • Energy Storage

    Market leader in energy storage 

    Few companies have the breadth of experience in the rapidly growing energy storage sector that BayWa r.e. has. Ranked number one among storage EPC contractors by Solar Power World magazine, we have helped develop, engineer and build dozens of solar-plus-storage and stand-alone storage installations in Hawaii, California, and elsewhere, and enjoy a healthy project pipeline.

    We have worked extensively on both sides of the meter, with both DC- and AC-coupled systems, providing profitable solutions for medium- and large-scale projects. As one of the leading developers and EPCs of solar-plus-storage solutions in the Americas, BayWa r.e. partners closely with the evolving supply chain of the industry’s leading hardware and software providers as well as with project developers, independent power producers, utilities and corporate customers.

  • EV Charging Stations

    Smart EV charging strategies

    EV charging stations are rapidly becoming part of every facility’s infrastructure. BayWa r.e. specializes in creating smart charging environments where the facility can offer important employee and customer benefits, while controlling financial exposure. We help our customers strategically plan a charging interface with the business’s generation and energy management goals in mind.

    As an added benefit, we guide our partners to take advantage of any meaningful incentives that can reduce the cost of installing this infrastructure as an independent project or incorporating charging into a larger solar-plus-storage system. 

  • Energy Efficiency

    Energy efficiency game plans

    Every sustainability plan should start with a game plan for reducing energy consumption. Such plans range from LED lighting and fixture controls to solar heating and can provide strong financial returns while contributing to corporate environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG) efforts.

    BayWa r.e.’s team of experts is ready to assess and provide solutions to help you accomplish your goals.

Our Team is your competitive advantage

Our seasoned team has developed, engineered and built hundreds of megawatts of solar, battery storage and energy efficiency projects, from distributed generation systems for businesses and public sector operations to community solar farms to larger-scale utility projects with independent power producers and Fortune 500 companies. Our focus is on developing, designing, installing and maintaining the highest performing renewable energy systems for our customers, using only the highest quality components. We pride ourselves on achieving some of the best customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.

We offer a wealth of experience that allows us to tailor optimized clean energy programs for our partners, so they can meet and surpass their carbon reduction and sustainability goals. We’re proud of the partnerships we create, working together closely to create and execute renewable energy strategies that help control energy costs, reducing bottom lines for our customers and making their green energy targets a profitable reality.

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